ZA誌 Magazine

Publication design

ZA誌》( 創立於201211月,志在集結一班澳門創作人士從他們眼中介紹澳門鮮為人知的一面及發表屬於澳門人創作的文章或感想,經過八年多的發展,《ZA誌》現為澳門最受歡迎的網上媒體之一,原創文章超過5,000篇。


Zamag was established on November in 2012, with the aim to gather a group of people interested in writing something new or unique about Macau, which are easily neglected from ordinary’s eyesight. By the 8-years development, Zamag is now one of the most popular on-line magazines in Macau. The number of original stories has exceeded 5,000.

Zamag is committed to its original aspiration of diversity and inclusion. From all the time Zamag is working out on new topic and writing from different perspectives, revealing the true facets of Macau and neighboring cities or countries in culture and lifestyle. Thus, the readers of Zamag varies from Macau to the greater China region. In celebration of 8th anniversary of Zamag, the scheme of 1st published hard copy of Zamag was launched. The cover stories include interview of classic brand of Macau and well-known Hong Kong artists. The contents include various lifestyle columns and some signature in-depth interviews. The designer skillfully adopts the design of twin-covers, together with dramatic contrast on color and layout designs to line up the content. The design copes with the “character” of Zamag on innovation and dynamics, meanwhile featuring the uniqueness of content and style of Zamag.